NFL: Arizona Cardinals Vs. Minnesota Vikings

SportsurgeOctober 27, 2022

The Arizona Cardinals will take on the Minnesota Vikings in a matchup of two of the NFC’s best teams. The Cardinals have one of the best defenses in the NFL, and they will need to be at their best against a Vikings offense that is led by quarterback Kirk Cousins. The Vikings also have a strong defense, so this game could come down to which team can make more stops.

1. How the Arizona Cardinals can beat the Minnesota Vikings

The Cardinals will need to put pressure on Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins and force him into making mistakes. They can do this by bringing extra defenders on blitzes and using their speed to close in on him quickly. Additionally, they will need to take advantage of any opportunities to make big plays, either through the air or on the ground. The key for the Cardinals will be to keep the Vikings offense off balance and prevent them from getting into a rhythm.

2. Keys to victory for the Arizona Cardinals against the Minnesota Vikings

In order for the Arizona Cardinals to defeat the Minnesota Vikings, they will need to focus on a few key areas. First, they will need to establish a strong running game early on. This will help keep the Vikings defense honest and open up opportunities for their playmakers in the passing game. Additionally, they will need to be aggressive on defense and take advantage of any opportunities that present themselves. Finally, they must be sure to take care of the ball and avoid turning it over. If they can do these things, then they should have a good chance of coming out victorious.

3. The Arizona Cardinals’ gameplan against the Minnesota Vikings

The Cardinals will look to take advantage of the Vikings’ weak secondary by attacking them with their passing game. They will also try to establish the run early on in order to keep the Vikings’ defense honest. On defense, the Cardinals will look to contain Adrian Peterson and force Minnesota to beat them through the air.

4. What the Arizona Cardinals need to do to win against the Minnesota Vikinfs

The Cardinals will need to put together a solid game plan and execute it well. They’ll need to contain the Vikings’ rushing attack and force them to throw the ball. On offense, they’ll need to be efficient and not turn the ball over.

5. X-factors for the Arizona Cardinals in their matchup againstlthe Minnesota Vikins

The Arizona Cardinals will be looking to take down the Minnesota Vikings in their Week 14 matchup. Here are five x-factors that could determine the outcome of this game:

  • The play of rookie quarterback Kyler Murray. Murray has been up and down this season, but if he can have a big game against a good Vikings defense it would go a long way towards helping the Cardinals win.
  • The ability of the Cardinals’ defense to slow down Dalvin Cook. Cook is one of the best running backs in the NFL and if the Cardinals can limit his production it will go a long way towards winning.
  • The performance of Larry Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald is still one of the best receivers in football and if he has a big game it could be enough to push Arizona over the top.
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