Hamilton Breaks His Silence on F1 Plan

SportsurgeFebruary 14, 2022

After F1 ended in a dramatic and unbelievable fashion, the fans were left with excitement on a high level, and now they cannot wait for the start of the new season. Many fans focus on the changes that will be made this season as of the rules, the drivers, the cars, and the new tracks. 

Also, it will be interesting to see how Sir Lewis Hamilton will start the first few races following the most incredible title loss in the history of the F1, after which he was silent for nearly two months. 

How 2022 F1 Season Will Shape Up 

Every Formula 1 fan wishes to see this season shape up as the last one, b ased on excitement, controversies, and incredible performances. This season we will witness a new thrilling race in

Florida at the Miami Grand Prix, which is set to take place on the 8th of May at the Miami International Autodrome. 

This new race will be very important for the tile condensers, as well as for every driver, as it features a truck that no one has ever raced at and mastering in this race shows how good a driver really is. 

We will also get to see the return of some of the fans’ old favourites, such as Suzuka Japanese Grand Prix, Melbourne Australian Grand Prix, and Montreal Canadian Grand Prix. Also, this season we will enjoy the return of the Dutch Grand Prix, which is taking place for the first time since 1985. 

The Suzuka race is one of the most enjoyed for the fans, and it is also one of the oldest remaining tracks of the Formula 1 World Championship. This season this race takes place on the 9th of October, making it the last five races of the season, which will be crucial for the shaping up on the leaderboard. 

In three years, the F1 drivers will set foot on the Canadian Grand Prix for the first time. This Grand Prix always provides a close race, where Lewis Hamilton has won seven times since 2019, equaling the great Michael Schumacher. 

The Monaco Grand Prix is always a fun race with loads of action and close calls. This race track is very demanding and narrow, featuring tight corners which force the drivers to drive with low average speeds. It is for these reasons this race is crucial for the title contenders. 

Overall, all race tracks are important for the outcome of the season, but some of the Grand Prixs that weve mentioned above require some serious skills to be mastered and won. 

Lewis Hamilton Breaks His Silence 

After the dramatic loss in the finish of the season, which saw Max Verstappen win the championship, Sir Lewis Hamilton took time to recover and was silent for nearly two months. This allowed many people to place retirement rumours about the seven-time F1 Champion. 

A few days ago, Hamilton broke his silence amid the retirement rumours with a social media post saying, “Ive been gone. Now Im back!. This means that Hamilton is yet again ready for the pursuit of his record eight-title in F1. 

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