Sportsurge UFC 296: Edwards vs. Covington

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Grudge matches don’t get much more heated and vitriolic than Leon Edwards versus Colby Covington. After years of simmering bad blood, the score between these two bitter rivals will at last be settled when they clash for Edwards’ UFC welterweight championship at UFC 296 on December 16th.

Edwards vs Covington has all the elements of an iconic rivalry fated for an epic climax. There is genuine hatred on a deeply personal level. Trading insults and obscenities for years, these two men have nearly come to blows on camera before being restrained. They want to inflict serious hurt on the other now with gold on the line.

Both possess highly technical and dangerous skill sets as well. Edwards has sublime striking rooted in stellar footwork and defense. His precision punching attack is augmented by underrated Brazilian jiu-jitsu grappling on the mat. Few are better tactically than England’s own “Rocky.”

In Covington you have a truly relentless pressure fighter gifted with freakish cardio. His Division I wrestling chops enable Covington to impose his will against nearly any foe. And while crude technically, Covington’s striking attack involves copious output while marching opponents down.

Styles make fights holds true here as well. Edwards prefers fighting off the back foot and setting traps. Covington lives to press forward behind merciless combinations. This clash of approaches promises heavy fireworks and electric drama for every minute of action.

The stakes also raise the intensity beyond just another title defense. No matter who wins or loses, their stock will be affected greatly in this grudge match. Victory and vanquishing their hated rival elicits ultimate bragging rights, while defeat crushes that ego.

Covington would relish nothing more than dethroning England’s champion after verbally attacking Edwards for years. Edwards understands he can never silence the brash American without decisively beating him in the cage. The deeply personal feud guarantees spectacle.

And the bad blood extends beyond just the main event. Covington’s teammate turned enemy Jorge Masvidal faces off against James Krause in what should be a slugfest. Don’t forget these two crews ignited an ugly backstage melee after UFC 272 when Covington defeated Masvidal. Tempers will be boiling over at UFC 296 up and down the card.

The co-main event brings elite action as well with UFC flyweight champion Alex Pantoja defending his belt against top contender Brandon Royval. Their first meeting saw Pantoja snatch victory via second round submission. Now Royval looks to redeem himself and capture flyweight gold.

With additional big names like Dominick Cruz, Bojan Velickovic and Orion Cosce garnishing the main card, the table is set for UFC 296 to end the year with some bad blood boiling over. The climax promises exceptional violence settling the score of one of MMA’s bitterest feuds.

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